Yeelen Art Gallery showcases Kanzo

From Sept 25th through Nov 22nd, 2009.

Yeelen Art Gallery is presenting this fall a solo exhibition by Miami-based artist Jerome Soimaud entitled Kanzo. Kanzo is a photographic exploration of Miami’s Haitian Vodou culture.

Alongside the musicians of Vaudou Lakay, artist Jerome Soimaud immerses us in the aestheticism and energy of this misunderstood religion.The Kanzo is the holiest sacrament of Vodou and the most intimate event within a Vodouisant’s life.

The slave ships not only transported human cargo, but a culture rich in music, spirituality, and mysticism. Rooted in Africa, today Vodou is a living religion, which responds to the trials and tribulations of its followers and society in general.

Jerome Soimaud’s work sets a stage of themes dedicated to the poetry and beauty of the unheard voices. Born in Paris 1964, the artist now lives and works in Miami. The exhibition is open by appointment only.

Yeelen Art Gallery
250 NW 23rd Street. Unit 306
Miami, FL 33127

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